"come as you are" VR

Today in a meeting in Grenoble, I was reminded this concept of "come-as-you-are Virtual Reality" described here:

In the late 1960s, Myron Krueger, often called "the father of virtual reality," began creating interactive environments in which the user moves without encumbering gear. Krueger's is come-as-you-are VR. Krueger's work uses cameras and monitors to project a user's body so it can interact with graphic images, allowing hands to manipulate graphic objects on a screen, whether text or pictures. The interaction of computer and human takes place without covering the body. The burden of input rests with the computer, and the body's free movements become text for the computer to read. Cameras follow the user's body, and computers synthesize the user's movements with the artificial environment.

Why do I blog this? I totally forgot this album of Nirvana/expression for this specific HCI type.