Gaming on digital cameras

Looking for some ideas about gaming on unusual platforms (like projects about ATM), I ran across a post by Ian Bogost about casual game son digital cameras:

The Fujifilm Finepix V10 Digital Camera, which is apparently the only digital camera to come with games you can play on its rather large LCD screen. (...) The Finepix is only one in the noisy digital camera marketplace, but the idea of a game playing point-and-shoot is rather compelling.

The blogpost goes through advantages (big market, connection to personal computer to transfer fiels, memory cards, big value of having a digicam, more reasons to include greater processins) and the drawbacks (different controls, different screen sizes, low opennes...) Why do I blog this? looking at other platforms for gaming is interesting for various reasons: (1) to change the control paradigm and think about innovative usage, (2) after casual game, a second step could be to use the pictures that has been taken as a material for playful activities. Besides, it's interesting to think about convergence starting from a digicam and less from a cell phone.