Duct tape, embodiment and pervasive gaming

Artificial has a fantastic interview of Susigames about their Edgebomber project. If you're not familar with their work, this interative art/game platform is a system that allows player to use tape, stickers and scissors to create a playground on a wall. It's one of the very relevant project I have spotted lately (given that I appreciate innovative pervasive gaming AND duct tape).

The interview is very revealing, here are some excerpts I found important:

The most important aspect is the inclusion of the haptic effects of the real world. The creation of the virtual environment by the use of duct tape produces the content of the game - the real and the virtual environment become connected. (...) In some of our exhibitions there are people who only want to use the duct tape to create funny and complex game fields. In order to do so, they use a broad variety of objects and even their own bodies. (...) Twenty years of joypad domination is enough! We have to challenge the nature of interfaces. It is obvious to us that we have to start using the human body as an interface

Why do I blog this? the use of the duct tape proves to be a powerful to connect first life and second life experience, that is an implication! Besides, as explained in the interview, the body is important in the experience, which is a characteristic that is pretty rare.