3D printing in 2007?

Some like-minded people give 2007 outcast on CNN Money, among other predictions, I found that one more interesting:

Paola Antonelli (MOMA design and architecture curator) I'm looking forward to the next steps in 3-D printing, where a laser beam solidifies a liquid or a powder to form intricate solid shapes. It currently takes seven days to make a chair from scratch, but soon enough it'll take seven hours, and then seven minutes. You'll be able to inject different colors and textures. People will be able to design their own objects, and 3-D objects will at last join the open-source movement. There will be 3-D printing stations in all neighborhoods all over the world. That will save energy because there will be no need for warehouses and trucks. And the process will use just as much material as is necessary - no waste. This, of course, is a few years from now, but the beginning of the future is today.

Why do I blog this? I don't know whether this should be expected for 2007, nor if all the issues mentionned will be solved by 3D printing but it's an intriguing trend that can have some good implications (about DIY gear and new consumer practices).