Geo-games: M3 glider

Geogames is a dutch company that proposes services regarding geo-simulated environments such as M3D Glider.

M3Glider delivers add-on for Google Earth allows you to interactively explore the world in all informative detail - on demand. Smoothly glide from the global to local level while M3D Glider instantly presents you with high quality images, photography and location-based information streamed from anywhere on the internet. Unlike other simulation systems M3D Glider offers a truly light-weight plug-in in an open, Ajax and web 2.0 oriented solution.

This technology offer tools to simulate 3D environments on Google Earth. As stated by one of their employee:

Our idea at GeoGames is that avatars should be seen as a transparent, fluid entity - not an end in itself. They become usefull when they function as tools for the personal data mining and search activities that geo-simulated environments will offer soon.

Why do I blog this? looking at all those tools that focus on how to improve Google Earth's interactivity as a virtual world platform is very intriguing; might this platform be used as a social space at some point?