Inflatable simulated targets in the form of tanks/aircrafts

Military Decoy is a company that sell huge military-like inflatable objects such as tanks, aircraft and trucks:

Founded in 1992, Shape International, Inc is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of simulated military target equipment for the industry. We specialize in inflatable simulated targets satisfying the needs of legitimate defense clients worldwide. Utilizing cutting edge camouflage technology, Shape provides its customers with beyond state-of-art simulated target equipment. Innovative development allows Shape to achieve unprecedented unprecedented and extraordinarily realistic camouflage and target simulation for a variety of strategic defense applications.

Why do I blog this? because I am crazy of inflatable stuff. Those objects are terrific and there could be very intriguing use for them. In the last issue of Carhartt's Rugged magazine, some folks explain that it can be deployed for keeping your spot on a parking lot.