Brain Imagery navigation with a wiimote

Navigating in a 3D structure as complex as the brain is always painful. Therefore, some smart researchers chose to use the wiimote to do so. Check this Youtube video:

Second example, better quality...wii remote interfaced with glovepie gives to the research community a new type of human interface device. Interfacing this awesome object with intelligent key bindings, you can think about a new way to report, to interface with images, to explore the body volume. In a not so much far future, we can imagine and wonder to report radiology images in a "minority report" way. This is a simple example of me interfacing for window/level, zoom, pan & slice scrolling features on a CT set of images. I'm open to suggestions!

Why do I blog this? simply because I remember my courses in cognitive sciences and how hard it was to look at brain structures and PET visualizations. I haven't tried that system and do not know whether this is as compelling as the video shows it but it's definitely intriguing.