Haptic interfaces

Acroe is a company that does haptic interfaces such as the following ones:

Since the first haptic device designed in 1976 by the ACROE laboratory, the first prototype of ERGOS was designed and built in 1988, and was mainly dedicated to artistic applications. This third version of ERGOS, using an innovative actuators design, opens a new dimension in your experience of haptics.

ERGOS is a top-of-the-range technology, designed to provide you a crisp sensation of your virtual models, and to enact them at best. The electromagnetic technology is currently the best for haptic devices requiring high spatial resolution, high dynamics, and a very large force amplitude vs. maximum force ratio. It provides a powerful solution to applications requiring dexterous gesture skills, high precision, and a crisp sensation of the manipulated model. This is a compact solution for the use of a high quality haptic device system in a small environment.

Why do I blog this? what can be designed using a 6D joystick? well I am not that into haptics but rather inetrested by the user experience of gestures to control digital environments.