Boundary Functions

Boundary Functions is a project by Scott Sona SNIBBE:

"If you participate in this work, you will see a line as a boundary between you and others, which is usually supposed to be invisible, to identify your territory. The boundary changes according to the position of each individual on the floor, but the rule is that the person at the center must always be the closest to the boundary. This line-producing program relates to the "Voronoi Diagram" and "Dirichlet Boundary Conditions", which are used to analyze natural phenomena with mathematical rules: patterns of ethnic settlement, animal dominance, or plant competition in anthropology or geography, the arrangement of atoms in a crystal structure in chemistry, the influence of gravity on stars or star clusters in astronomy, and so on. The boundary that surrounds participants does not exist on their own but changes in a subtle way like conflicts between the individual and society."

Why do I blog this? I thought it's a nice project that exemplify the spatial aspects of interactive technology.