Early instances of 1st/2nd life connections and intersections

Like V-migo, Teku Teku Angel allows the user to take advantage of his/her movements in the physical environment to make grow a a virtual pet (in the form of an angel) on the Nintendo DS. It's a pedometer that measure the daily steps and turn them into a mean to make an heavenly creature evolving.

As described on Gizmodo, Otoizm is an impressive product presented at the Toy Forum 2006 in Tokyo. Basically, connected to a music player, this device embeds a tamagotchi-like character that grows according to the genre of music you listen to and memorize phrases or compose tunes. It also has multi-user capabilities: when connected the characters dance with each other.

So, why this is important? simply, it's another kind of application that engage users in a first life/second life experience. Unlike Teku Teku Angel that is based on a physical experience, Otoizm rather work as the intersection between digital experiences: the intricate relationship between the virtual pet and the music in the form of digital bits. What is missing is an application that would take advantage of both.