LEGO CEO on play

In the paper edition of Monocle, there is an interview of LEGO's CEO (Mr. Knudstorp). An interesting part of it deals with two aspects that are relevant for critical foresight of gaming (it's short but it's from the Lego guy):

M: Have electronic games changed the way that kids play?

JVK: That's a good question. But the fact is, play is not changing. Kids still compete, they fight, role-play. They play the world you and I live in because they aspire to be in it. They love running after a football and they'll do that 20 years from now.

M: Let's look forward. What excites you within these walls?

JVK: We are working on some projects in virtual space, including Lego factory, wich has the potential to be as important to the Lego world as Second Life is to the rest of the world

Why do I blog this? in terms of foresight, the first assertion is interesting because it describes "play" (and side-aspects such as competition, physical exercices) as a driving force for kids. Though I am more intrigued than excited by the second part, the Lego MMOG appears to be a step towards that direction ("The LEGO Group and NetDevil will launch a LEGO-themed Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG), bringing the LEGO experience into a new, safe, and fun virtual environment.").

See also the 291Mb video of the interview.