Inappropriate responses by robots

Read in the last "technology quarterly" of "the E", this article about chatbot technology and call centres. It describes some potential problems of hooking speech analytics software to a call center:

"it will be also necessary to program chatbots to deal with verbal abuse. In some cases, (...), companies that have used chatbots to handle online queries have found that when confronted by verbal abuse or sexual innuendo, the chatbots were programmed to respond inappropriately in kind, with insults of their own"

Why do I blog this? this kind of story makes me giggling; this perspective of having people and robots insulting each other...

People interested in this should have a look at Sheryl Brahnam's work, the paper 'Gendered bods and bot abuse' (CHI 2006 workshop Misuse and abuse of interactive technologies) is kinda scary as what it reveals about human beings.