Just had a meeting with Marc Hottinger about his dataSpaces project. Marc mapped the interactions stored in his mobile phone (communication with antennas, sms, phone calls) on a representation of Lausanne. What is interesting is the notion of "calendar" as represented on the following picture:

Not only the system gives the whole path and the list of events but it also replays day-by-day what happened (well it's difficult to show this dynamic with a picture):

Why do I blog this? because of my interest in replay tool and of course "geoware" (now that I learnt that word), I find there is an interesting metaphor here, in terms of showing the asynchronous location awareness of people in a different way than Plazes or Jaiku. In my experiments, I have always been amazed by how people can tell interesting things based on this sort of information. Their path of the path of their partners often foster intriguing discussion and it's quite pertinent to use these "informed opinions" when studying people's experience of places or certain artifacts,