A Digital Future Landscape Terrain?

In the last issue of architectural design, there is a paper by Lorens Holm, Paul Guzzardo entitled "Is There a Digital Future Landscape Terrain?". It's about "lasernet", an interactive installation which aims to be "a model for exploring landscape terrains that establish ‘agora’-like meeting places as a basis for electronic exchange and progression". This part of the paper caught my eye:

"We want to foster participation and criticality. We propose re-mix platforms as the sites for collaborations between farmers, milkmen, managers, constables, contractors, builders, designers, artists, social scientists, even anyone with an interest in the land. We need a social science practice (what we did not have for lasernet) that will survey rural vox popular with the same statistical rigour as we use for soap–sex–war, to incorporate vox in the re-mix platform. We need a future technology that will sensor the environment – imagine crop-dusting the land with microsensors – to monitor environmental shifts in food-chain ecology, in biodiversity, and make visible how these are effected by land use. Without aestheticising them. Make the networks readable so that we can insert our stories into them, and so make them landscape stories. Let the landscape speak, let the landscape become the screen and platform for our stories."