BiPodding and thoughts about 2-outputed devices

According to the Urban Dictionnary:

"BiPodding: Sharing a single set of headphones attached to one iPod. One person holds the iPod and takes the left earbud, the other takes the right earbud. Can be performed while moving.

Example: They biPodded down the street; Jane had the left ear-piece, Sarah the right."

Why do I blog this? this is an intriguing practice that emerged; it's of great interest to observe what happen when you have artifacts with two outputs like headsets (yes we have two ears). Some people have on the earbud in the ear to have their music/podcast/whatever and the other ear free to conversations/public events. It's about sharing one's attention and sharing public/private information.

Besides, it reminds me of the headset splitter, an ancestor of bipodding that we used to plug in our walkmans, when I was a teenager: