Video hat for policemen

(Via Ananova) look at this news:

"Police in a Chinese city have been equipped with video hats. More than 100 patrol officers have been issued with the cameras which link to digital video-recorders attached to their belts.

Head Officer Diao, of Chongqing City Police, said: "The officer only needs to turn it on, and the machine starts to work. It has 1 gigabyte of memory, so recording for one hour should be no problem. Diao says the equipment can save police officers from being investigated for misconduct and protect them from being framed. "It happens that suspects sue police for unjustified or unlawful practice, and with this device, everything will be clear," he said. "Some of the clips could also be edited for TV.""

(Picture from Ananova)

Why do I blog this? sort of "ubiquitous computing of the present", but here it's mostly meant for a weird sousveillance trick.