Seamlessness and duct tape

Read in "Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing" (Adam Greenfield):

"The infrastructure supporting the user's experience is deeply heterogeneous, and, at least in contemporary, real-world systems, frequently enough held together by the digital equivalent of duct tape and chewing gum. (...) any attempt to provide the user with a continuous experience must somehow paper over these circumstances"

Fixed stuff with tape (2)

This discussion of flaws about seamlessness in technological development is of considerable importance. Beyond Gilles Deleuze notion of "espace strié" (striated space), the assumption in ubicomp that infrastructure are and will be seamless often leave aside failing infrastructures, the accumulation of different norms, the tweaking people do on tech and stuff like that. The picture has been taken in Nice, France and shows how a traffic light has been fixed with duct tape so that the wiring does not fall apart (and eventually not get wet by possible rain or trashed by some wandering moron).