Spatial gestures challenges

Some quick elements about the challenges regarding 3D spatial gestures to control digital information are described in "Gameplay issues in the design of spatial 3D gestures for video games" (by Payne et al. 2006):

" The seemingly natural and intuitive ease with which gestures could replace command menu structures and cumbersome or intrusive controller mechanisms was seen to empower users with increased control over their intent. However the effective implementation of gestures is complicated. Issues related to human spatial motion awareness, user performance differences, cognitive/semiotic confusion and user feedback all complicate the implementation of spatial gestures in videogamessuch as a fireball or hurricane kick. (...) spatial gestures present their own problems in relation to: how to present 3D gesture feedback, user performance differences, how to instruct/learn user gestures, what are familiar semiotics for 3D gestures."

Why do I blog this? scanning the literature about this topic.