Components of Data Collection Matrix

Extracted from "Designing and Conducting Ethnographic Research (Ethnographer's Toolkit , Vol 1)" (LeCompte Margaret Diane):

"Components of Data Collection Matrix 1. Which research question are to be asked 2. Which data will answer those questions 3. Where, and from whom, those data can be obtained 4. In what form the data will be collected 5. Who will be responsible for collecting, analyzing, and writing up the data 6. When each stage of data collection, analysis and report writing will begin and end 7. How, by whom, and to whom results will be disseminated"

The authors recommend to go through these questions and then work out 2 tables: 1) table 1: What do I need to know? Why do I need to know this? What kind of data will answer the question? Where can I find the data? Whom do I contact for access? Timelines for acquisition 2) Table 2: Research Questions / Process Data and Outcome Measures / Sources of Data

Why do I blog this? being in the midst of starting new projects... it's always good to get back to basic references about where to start when you have pending research questions.