Mediamatic slides

Here are my slides from the serie of talk I made at Hybrid World Lab workshop (Mediamatic, Amsterdam), careful, big PDFs over there: An Overview of Hybridized digital-physical worlds: a global picture of the existing or speculative projects regarding the hybridization of the virtual and the physical CatchBob! What we learnt from building a pervasive game , that describes some lessons we learnt from the CatchBob! project carried out with Fabien Girardin and Pierre Dillenbourg (my phd dissertation actually). What about the tools? An overview of locative systems, which a sort of primer on locative technologies and their design issues. The User Experience of Location-Awareness , a talk that I've already done at Geoware last month, that I though would be good for the Mediamatic audience: the problem of mobile social software as well as opportunities for the future. 7+/-2 ideas for developing hybridized worlds user scenarios, that describes what I - as a user experience researcher - expect from a scenario about product/services.


Notes about the workshop later. Also, Timo's slides are very worthwile.