Second Life evolutions

BW on SL and alternatives. The claim of the author is that "companies are thinking twice about the popular virtual world are finding more security and flexibility in alternatives". Why? some excerpts helps to describe the reasons:

"the Web-based parallel universe is a messy marketplace where you're as likely to see a bare-chested, rabbit-headed avatar trolling for adult-themed entertainment or vandalizing a digital store as a corporate suit leading a training session. And some companies want to target age groups younger or older than the average 30-year-old denizen of Second Life. (...) Starwood Hotels & Resorts discovered avatars don't need to sleep, and so a virtual hotel didn't make much sense in the long run. Unlike Adidas or General Motors (GM ), which sell digital versions of Reeboks and Pontiacs in the online world, Starwood didn't have goods to sell—and found itself unable to sustain avatars' interest."

So, some companies are adopting diverse solutions like creating their own world. Why do I blog this? curiosity towards the buzz about 3D virtual worlds. I don't understand why these articles never refer to past experiences such as There or Active World. People who want to ponder the arguments developed in the BW piece might have a look at csven's blog.