Location-based game on laptop: Plundr

Location-based games has not really be very surprising lately; this is why Plundr appears more interesting than others. Designed by area/code, it's a game about piracy and trading that one can play on MAC/PC laptop computers by players who are navigating through real-world space. Gameplay is basic but intriguing: action takes place on Islands where you can buy and sell goods, prey on Merchant Ships, and battle other nearby players. The "pervasive" aspect of the game lays in the fact that each Island corresponds to a real-world location.

It's also interesting to note that they use Loki (by Skyhook Wireless). There are also some rumors of a Nintendo DS version ("not quite ready for prime time yet").

Why do I blog this? Some aspects I find pertinent and exciting: "You can play Plundr wherever you have a connection to the internet": but then the fun of the game can be felt when not connected. "If you are the first player to explore this location, you will discover a new Island, congratulations": this is already nice in Plazes, the pleasure of discovering new plazes/islands is very important because it's tight to spatial discovery and social psychology mechanisms ("I am the one who discovered XXX"). Also of interest is the forum about possible improvements.