Granularity of location

Reading some material (.ppt!) about the Mogi game, I ran across this very interesting slide by Benjamin Joffe:

The picture basically shows different digital maps, with diverse levels of granularity, from the cluttered to the simple.

Why do I blog this? because I find it very relevant to the issue of location-based interfaces, for single-user or multi-user systems. In the single-user system, it's important to convey the location information with the most relevant granularity for the user. In a multi-user application (such as a buddy-finder), things are more intricate given that there is a need to match the granularity between users: is the same granularity pertinent for the 2 persons? what about applications for 50 persons? what about cultural issues if you have an emergency team of french gents in a remote country and people need to collaborate?