Game industry foresight by E. Adams

Some interesting quotes from Ernest Adam's foresight about the future of gaming:

"Games that depend on that depend on location or travel? Useful in theme parks, Laser Tag, etc. Not ever going to be a major segment. Compare # of video gamers to # of paintball players.Compare # of video gamers to # of paintball players. (...) In the long run...... Mobile phones will not drive out other devices. Other devices will absorb mobile phone capability. Just as everything now contains a digital clock, someday everything will contain a mobile phone. (...) In 30 years, In 30 years, how how we play has not changed - Handheld/mobile on the bus to school - Console in the living room - PC in the home office or kid ’s bedrooms bedroom

Convergence will be partial, not total. - A computer monitor is better than a TV. - Handhelds cannot cannot contain the best hardware. - A PC is a poor machine for group play. (...) The all-over VR body suit: Only as a very high--end option for fanatics"

Why do I blog this? some interesting thoughts here, need to use that material later on, quite like the very pragmatic approach.