The evolution of objects through ubicomp

Bits from Appliances evolveby Mike Kuniavsky (Receiver), which describes the advent of ubiquitous computing applications:

"We are on the cusp of another profound change akin to that seen by the Baby Boomers. Ubiquitous computing appliances will change the fundamental nature of the home and our experience of it. The house of 2047 will likely not be filled with robotic humanoid servants, be an automated factory of leisure or resemble any of the other images that current domestic technology programs envision. It will be something different, and it will change imperceptibly, appliance-by-appliance, upgrade-by-upgrade, shift-by-shift, year-by-year. Our understanding of what constitutes an object will change: is an ATM a single device, an outpost of a system, or the physical manifestation of a service? Is a phone? Is your bed? And as we use and change these appliances, they will change us, too, as every great shift in the capabilities of our tools has in the past."

Why do I blog this? some good starting thoughts here about upcoming things; will object still be objects? what will count? the physical objects or the ecosystem of services around?