Fixed keyboard mapping

Fixed keyboard mapping What happens when keyboards have different mappings... and need to be fixed right away. (Observed at a lab meeting this morning).

I am not really into research about topics such as "repair" but I find it very intriguing, in terms of User Experience, as well as the history of interaction people have with their artifacts. See the work Jan did about this for example concerning "informal repair culture/innovation". As you may know if you're a reader of Pasta and V., I am always amazed by people who trash stuff in occidental cities. Although most of the informal repair culture is seen in Asian or African countries, I am wondering about this very same phenomenon in european cities, like the places where I live. Judging from the explosion of consumer electronics material I encounter in flea market, I am pretty sure the informal repair culture there would be interesting to study.

Back to the picture above, this simply exemplifies as well my fascination to very low-key tweaks/modifications people think about a-la Michel De Certeau (see here as a starting point for example).