LIFT Korea

Wednesday evening was the mini lift session in Seoul at the Yurim Art Hall. Everything went well and a large majority of the 180 people who signed-up came there to hear what Adam Greenfield, Bruce Sterling, Jake Song and Yoo-Suk Yeon had to say about technological implications in space (physical and digital). Being on stage to introduce the program and the speaker, I was not really in the mood of following everything (anxious by this first event) but everything went well (apart from the tedious changes of laptops and sound issues... as usual). More thoughts and thanks about it on the LIFT blog! Kudos to our 4 speakers as well as local support!

In the end, I think the ambience was great, lots of meeting there and a mix of korean+swiss food. A nice first visit to South Korea for me! I'll try to blog the talks as soon as I get my thoughts sorted about them ;)