Level design and folk representations of the world

In lessons from first-person shooters, Robert Janelle curiously describes the quirks one can find in FPS:

"Red Barrels Always Explode When Pierced By Bullets You Run Faster When Holding a Knife You Can Fit ANYTHING In Your Pocket Coloured Doors Are Locked Green Liquid is Harmful Helpful Items Are Just Lying Around Crates Break Into Splinters When Pierced"

Why do I blog this? a video-game world is a "microworld" in the sense that it's a close environment with its own rules and processes. As an artifacts crafted and designed by humans, it embeds values and folk mechanisms about how the world could behave. It's then curious to see what are people's projections as the one described above. Would a game level be boring/non-challenging if it replicated the material world?