Quotes from Pic Nic 2007

Some quotes heard at Pic Nic 2007, in Amsterdam: "At that time, Lisa was the female of Bart" - The Simpsons director.

"Games are about expectations and permissions slips: you give players the fact that everything is permitted" - Katie Salen.

"Lots of picture of the Wii are not picture of games but of players and their hands" - Julian Bleecker.

"How do we prioritize good content over garbage in mobile anotations? A classical question about user-generated content" - Matt Adams.

"The reality around us (...) the repeated module of doom: banks, dunkin donuts, nails, franchises" - Adam Greenfield.

"Play is about fluidity, work is about crystallization - Play as the negative space of work that allows work to continue" - Ben Cerveny.