Open positions in Lausanne

The CRAFT (EPFL, Swiss Institute of Technology, Lausanne), the lab where I did my PhD research from 2003 to last spring, has open positions for PhD and an engineers:

"- A PhD student for a NSF project on analyzing gaze patterns recorded by eye tracking machines when two people collaborate on-line. Some experience in machine learning is expected. - A PhD students for a NSF project on building and experimenting interactive furniture that embed collaborative scripts. - A PhD student for expanding a tangible tabletop environment designed training logistics apprentices to optimize warehouse processes. - An engineer (mechatronics, electrical engineering) or a person with experience in building prototypes. The main task will be to participate to the construction of interactive systems. In some of our current projects, we design, build and experiment furniture with embedded technology such as LEDs, microphones, small engines and computers. The job will consist in helping in the design of the devices, interacting with the EPFL's workshops for producing parts of the prototypes and working with subcontractors when necessary. Skills in rapid prototyping and computer-assisted design would be a plus."

Anyone interested in this can look for more information here.