LIFT08 program released

We presented yesterday the current state of the program of LIFT08 in Geneva. As last year, we will have workshop on wednesday (Feb 6th) and talks/discussion on thursday/friday (Feb 7-8). We will announce other speakers soon, with some potential surprises. Current tracks and speakers:

  • Internet in society -- With Jyri Engestrom (he just sold microblogging platform Jaiku to Google), Jonathan Cabiria (on virtual environments and social inclusions) and others
  • User experience -- With two tech anthropologists, Younghee Jung (Nokia, Tokyo) and Genevieve Bell (Intel, Seattle) and UCI researcher Paul Dourish.
  • Stories -- With serial entrepreneur Rafi Haladjian and others to be announced.
  • A glimpse of Asia -- With Marc Laperrouza, a specialist of new tech in China, Heewon Kim, a Korean researcher on teens and social networks, and others.
  • New Frontiers -- With "cyborg" Kevin Warwick, Henry Markram who's trying to simulate the functioning of brain cells, and Holm Friebe talking about new forms of cooperation and collaborative work.
  • Gaming -- With Robin Hunicke (who worked on games for the Nintendo Wii) on gaming trends, and others.
  • Web and entreprises -- With David Sadigh and David Marcus on how the web is reshuffling work practices.
  • Foresight -- With future researchers Scott Smith (Changeist) and William Cockayne (Stanford) and Nokia designer Francesco Cara.