Quick notes on Jan Chipchase's talk

Watching Jan Chipchase's talk at Nokia Connection 2007 (see the podcast here), I tried to take some notes about the sort of questions Jan addresses related to the "material" he and his team collect:- find the lessons about why people are doing x and y? what motivations and apply it to other contexts - does results x and y apply to the consumption of digital content? or tangible media? mobile phone design? - what is the digital equivalent to x and y phenomena? - if you see that people use x and y objects (e.g. straps) what kind of services you can have with X and Y? - challenge people's opinions with baseline data - yield not facts but informed opinions

Why do I blog this? quick notes after listening to a podcast, what inspires me most in Jan's work is precisely how to go beyond the collection of "data" and what sort of questions one can address using them.