Podotactile affordances

Two other uses of podotactiles encountered recently, two possible affordances: Cuieng thanks to podotactiles experienced this morning in Paris, France:

Thin podotactility

These thin podotactiles literally pave the way to a shop when exiting from the subway at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie.

Another affordance of podotactiles is to use to avoid having stickers on certain surface, it's less common and it's exactly the same model as the one used to pedestrians stops on sidewalk edges.

Vertical podotactility

Why do I blog this? From the spatial/design perspective, collecting and analyzing these elements is interesting, especially when you observe people's behavior (rubbing sneakers). It seems that I start having quite a bunch of examples like this, it's interesting IMO to note the different affordances as well characteristics such as shapes (thing, round), length (short and discrete, or continuous).