Presentation at CISCO

Yesterday I visited one of the European Tech Center of Cisco to give a presentation about location-awareness and mobile social computing. Slides from my presentations can be found here (pdf, 10.5Mb). It's actually a reshuffled version of my Geoware deck. Thanks Jérome for this opportunity! Cisco

Although I do this presentation over and over again, I am always surprised by the discussion that follows. The fact that the context is often different trigger new questions about that topic. Some examples of what we discussed:

"Is "location" really important? Is it really about location? presence? Should it be combined with other information collected through sensors? How to create an added value sufficient enough to remove the privacy barrier? To reach a critical mass of users, aren't GPS devices company more advanced? Given that there is a less big variety of GPS devices (as opposed to phones) can they be considered as platform? For example could TomTom buddies be relevant? What about personal navigation assistant for pedestrians? Social software and location-awareness: can we use geolocation to refine social graphs?"

In the evening, I gave the same presentation at the Institut de Santé au Travail (thanks Yves!) where a totally different audience received the talk and discuss the implications rather from the ergonomic/human factor viewpoint.