Pumping like a shadok

As the Shadok say: "Better to pump even if nothing happens than to risk something worse happening by not pumping".

Why do I blog this? The Shadok was a french animated TV series from the late 60s that involved rough and stupid bird-like characters. One of the most curious aspect of this species is their absurd, useless and endless pumping. Surely invisible to non-francophone people, the series was a very weird mise-en-scène of various situations, with a whole world/vocablary/history/etc (see on youtube).

What is interesting here is the fact that this series set some standards in french's behavior towards progress, innovation or the passage of time. Quotes and mottos coming form the Shadoks are very commonly used in technological developments and projects as programmers, designers engineers often refer to them to criticize design. It's almost invisible to people who do not know them but a bit pervasive in the culture.