Fake roadsigns in Lyon

The good thing when having a conference in France is that I had time to wander around and dig up some of the weird things that you can find on the streets. This time, it was the following road sign: Bone signs

This was part of a project called bopano organized by french design clique Kanardo (also see their blog). 105 fake road signs as been designed by 47 artists (in 2005 or so) and attached to streetside poles. The one I have found has been designed by NYC-based artist evaq.

Why do I blog this? In the same vein of this lovely heart shaped streetlight, this sort of stuff is interesting in terms of city arrangements; new sorts of things that can be announced in places where you wouldn't think about. To some extent, this shows street re-appropriation; how would that be if people were asked to design their own street signs?