San Diego: scifi city

Wandering around San Diego for ETech 2008 makes me realize how this city displays a peculiar sense of science fiction. It's not the first time that I visit that place but it's perhaps the conjunction of that tech conference and the watching of Battlestar Galactica that made me me thinking about this. Downtown SF definitely looks as if colonial spaceships-shaped building had to suffer for a temporarily grounding and were ready to take off or spacefold to another dimension:

Sci-fi city

Sci-Fi city

That impression also materializes at the ground level with all those city infrastructures that are generally hidden/covered but not here:

San Diego's infrastructure

Unlike Rotterdam that I described last week as the automatic/mechanic/electronic city to shows how the town is a "process", San Diego looks rather more about "shapes". Processes are present of course but they are more hidden, often more about access to buildings (through contactless cards) or the presence of the wifi clouds.

Why do I blog this? this is not very rocket-science thoughts, just psychogeographic feelings on a sunday morning.