The "lagoon emergency button"

The "lagoon emergency button" is surely one the most interesting interface I've seen recently. I've stumbled across it few days ago, close to LucasArts offices in San Francisco. Lagoon Emergency Button

The red button basically controls the (nice and fake) waterfall that operates on the left of the picture. What I find impressively curious (and odd I would say) is the notion that the whole semi-natural feature represented here can be "turned off" by pressing a button. Interesting enough is the gap between that small red thing and the big environmental surrounding. Can this be a "responsive environment" where the interaction is basic but still possible.

Furthermore, the name of the button itself is fantastic ("lagoon emergency button") and I don't know if there are other combinations of the word "lagoon" and "button" in the same phrase (well...) but that sounds almost paradoxical.

That being said, the "blue lagoon button" sort of belongs to the technologies and infrastructures described in the "street as a platform", in a sort of weird way. And it's definitely related to the automatic component of the city mentioned the other day about Rotterdam.