Sensors in condoms

Found here, a new vector in ubiquitous computing:

"A musical condom designed to play louder and faster as lovers reach a climax is to go on sale in Ukraine. Grigoriy Chausovsky, from Zaporozhye, said his condoms came fitted with a special sensor that registers when the condom is put on. It transmits a signal to a miniature speaker in the base of the condom which play a melody.

He told local media: "As the sex becomes more passionate, it registers the increased speed of the movements and plays the melody faster and louder.""

Why do I blog this? Wacky ideas are always weird, yet they often mean something. In this case, it's maybe not the proposed use of sensors that is important, nor the fact that you can use the condom context (but who knows?).

It's rather that it attests that sensors are so small and cheap they can be integrated in very thin membranes. It's a bit like the challenged that Violet wanted to achieve. Violet is the french company which does the wifi rabbit Nabaztag: their point was that "if you can connect a rabbit to the Internet, you can connect anything". So maybe here it's more relevant for people who want to develop health applications or disposable devices.