"Deer Blogger"/"Deer Tracking via e-mail"

Via, geolocated animals are now more and more common (after pigeon blogs back in 2006), the most recent example is this deer named Thor that blog his own position on Google Earth. What is interesting in this case is not the animal blogging meme (although it's yet another example) but the underlying process: a "Mail to Map/SMS-to-Map/Mail to Google Earth" process as described by the developer:

Also intriguing this "importance notice" by the guy who set up this whole thing:

"Important notice: since the displayed coordinates belongs to a live animal (currently a white-tailed Deer nicknamed Thor), by reading this page and looking at the map you are accepting terms of agreement: “do not harm the animal in anyway’. Actually it lives on private grounds or a preserve territory anyway."

Yes, people, remember: although it looks like a virtual environment, it's a real deer.

Why do I blog this? I like the "blogject tracking" via email dimension here.