Report about "real-time city roundtable"

Fabien wrote a comprehensive summary of his "Real-Time Cities Round Table". He basically gathered a good bunch of experts that influence the visions of real-time cities with whom they talk about "the issues, promises and implications inherent to their development".

The whole report is a valuable+pleasant read and I would only highlight the conclusion as it uncovers an interesting approach:

"The very diverse attendance at the round table clearly reveals that the real-time city touches many disciplines. Yet which trans/inter/undisciplinary skill sets will allow the researchers and practitioners present to understand how to shape the cities they intervene in? It could start by offering alternate hypotheses instead of ignoring the input of colleagues across the table. For instance, most of the research works discussed around the table are going beyond blindly pursuing technological possibilities. They take their source of get informed by social research to define the computational problems and potential solutions. To form a coherent research avenue, there is a need to go beyond bringing together researchers from different disciplines to work in multidisciplinary teams. It could languages of multiple disciplines"

Why do I blog this? because the table sets the agenda for interesting research projects I'd like to work on, and because the proposed approach in conclusion is refreshing.