Miniature gps

The E have a short piece about the GPS Letter Logger, an interesting shrunken GPS device to track small things such as letters:

"The Letter Logger can be programmed to check its position every few minutes, over longer intervals, or only when a built-in motion detector senses movement, says Jude Daggett, of TrackingTheWorld. The journey log is stored on a standard micro-SD memory card to make it simple to use without any special software. This allows the log to be read by a laptop computer and displayed as a journey on Google Earth, the software giant’s popular world-mapping software. The inability to transmit does not greatly detract from its usefulness: if the probe’s log showed, for instance, that the envelope it was inside crawled along Interstate 405 before turning off to Los Angeles International Airport where, after a short delay, it suddenly zoomed off to Phoenix Sky Harbour, then it probably went by air."

Why do I blog this? my curiosity towards how miniature devices like this are now more and mores available. It echoes well with Christian's post about 8Gb mini SD card. Small is common although we still have to carry big battery chargers...