Highlights from EURO 2008

Having the Euro soccer cup in Switzerland (and Austria) is interesting as lots of people are cruising around on the streets. Hence, lots of interesting practices or signs of people's practices occurs. Some excerpts from the last few days: Paper notes at a street corner to give friends an update about the new whereabouts (it says "We're at café pessoa, 30 meters ahead in Dassier [street]": Location-based annotation

The hospitality of some places however reach certain limits, as "tents are not umbrella" sign attest from the need to buy an umbrella when it rains instead of staying around: This tent is not an umbrella

The inherent contradictions of signs in a city not very well-accustomed to helps its tourists (Geneva): contradictions

BUT, a fruitful attempt to help soccer-fans takes the form of a pavement map; nicely employed in the picture below. The elegant map-on-the-ground solution is efficient for people who walk and ride bike, as it gives information in context and also allows congregation around the signs to find the stadium: Reading a pavement-based map

And, of course, when it comes to computer-based real-time street information, failure and glitches are never very far: Glitch

The presence of other cultures, and their intricate relationships with their host country. In this case it's Spain and Switzerland: some only put their spanish flag but most of the flag we see are grouped with both a swiss and spanish flag (you can replace Spain with Portugal, Italy, Turkey and France in the sentence before): Hispanosuisse

Why do I blog this? what a nice context to observe cultural issues and whatever can be related to human behavior regarding mobility and techniques/technologies/organizational solutions for recurring problems.