Why "future perfect" is what it is

Quite enjoyed reading future perfect's rationale in this interview:

"Your blog Future Perfect ("about the collision of people, society and technology") includes a lot of your musings about what you see on your travels, but poses more questions that it answers.

I'm pretty bad at shoehorning life into what amounts to lifeless journal and conference submissions. I mean, how do you take the essence of what's out there, the richness of life, and put it on paper? I don't think you can. The motivation behind the blog is that I do something that totally fascinates me, and I'm lucky to be well resourced and to work with very talented people. I want to be able to communicate some of that. It's not about saying what the answers are; it's about asking the questions and maybe some of those will stick in people's minds and they'll ask those questions in their own contexts."

Why do I blog this? it's always interesting to get people's motivation behind what they're doing... Also, I like the idea of "asking questions" to inform design.