While visiting a glass dump

Huge stack of glass ... made me thing of Person, M. & Shanks, M. Theatre/Archaeology, London: Routledge (2001):

"The archaeological experience of ruin, decay and site formation processes reveals something vital about social reality, but something which is usually disavowed. Decay and ruin reveal the symmetry of people and things. They dissolve the absolute distinction between people and the object world. This is why we can so cherish the ruined and fragmented past"

Why do I blog this? Visiting this glass dump last week made me think about the intricate relationship between waste, detritus and how we use things.... which often leads to an intriguing typology of places where we drop detritus like the one above. Generally hidden from public view, it sometimes resurface. Beyond my fascination towards garbage, it's intriguing to note the value of trashs described by Person and Shanks's quote.