GPS-related accidents

Not the best technical source but some intriguing GPS-related accidents are described in the Mirror:

"SCOTLAND: In May, Scottish ambulance drivers were told to ignore their new £5m satnav system and use maps instead after drivers complained they were not being directed by the quickest route to 999 calls.

DEVON: The same month, a skip lorry driver's satnav sparked rush-hour traffic chaos in Newton Abbot, Devon, after taking a wrong turn and getting stuck under a bridge.

WALES: Paula Ceely, 20, vowed never to listen to her satnav again after she was directed into the path of a speeding train at the Ffynnongain level crossing in Wales. The train slammed into her car, leaving the student within inches of her life. No one was hurt.

CORNWALL: A satnav was also blamed when a lorry driver took a wrong turn into a cul-de-sac in Wadebridge, Cornwall, in January last year. The driver left seven cars badly damaged when he performed a U-turn to correct himself."

Why do I blog this? although I am skeptical about the figures quoted in that article, the qualitative appraisal of situations caused or related to GPS usage are interesting.