Take-aways from LIFT Asia

Some notes Laurent and myself prepared for the wrap up, insisting on the following take-home issues, the image that takes shape after the conference is done:

  1. experience of space: physical space change, the way we perceive and interact in space is modified. Christian Lindholm talked about wifi places as oasis, Adam Greenfield talked about the new way we will experience places, etc.
  2. currency & business models redefined as shown by Davird Birch's talk, Joonmo Kwon described new business models such as co-promotion or the fact that game money are controlled by game designers (they even control the inflation rate)
  3. service convergence as described by Joonmo Kwon and Takeshi Natsuno
  4. cities as interfaces: Jury Hahn, Jeffrey Huang, Soo-In Yang or Adam Greenfield gave us different propositions
  5. technological relativism: some countries are more advanced than others, the speed of change is increasing (as shown by Jan Chipchase), it's never black or white, the notion of "uses" is also different.
  6. real world is a limit: the limit is often simple: the physical reality: battery life (and that there could be solutions as exemplified by Raphael Grignani), machines that crash, etc.