When attributes of a city are transfered in another

paris in mtl An interesting pattern I've found here last week during my ventures in contemporary cities: when attribute of a city are transfered in another.

2 examples: the one above shows the famous entrance to the Paris subway system by Hector Guimard. Except that this nice organic and artnouveau artifact is located in Montreal and not in Paris. In this case, it was actually given by RATP (the parisian transport company) to the Montreal metro in 1967, made out pieces of demolished Guimards from Paris metro stations.

The second example is simply this street box that contains electrical and phone wiring on the streets of Geneva: it has basically been wrapped with something that makes it look like a badly-ripped off from the red telephone box designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott.

Fake british gear

Why do I blog this? curiously observing the meme-like transfer of shapes/colors of items from one city to another. Perhaps this is a representation of post-modernity.