Location-based war game

It's been a while that I haven't seen lot of innovation in the field of location-based games. It's as if the game play were always repeated (object collection, finding a human who have to escape...). There were some good projects about this in the past but the field has some trouble going beyond a limited range of scenario.

Within this context, Turf Bombing, designed by Che-Wei Wang, looks intriguing:

"Turf Bombing is a location-based turf battle game which rewards and encourages traveling and learning about different neighborhoods.

This game requires a laptop and works anywhere in the world where there's a wifi connection. Your laptop's wifi connection is used to triangulate your position.

Gangs are assigned by the zip code of your home address. The goal of each gang is to gain as much territory as possible.

Territories are acquired as players plant time bombs at different locations in physical space. If the bomb is not diffused by a local gang member in time, the bomb will explode and the territory will be turned over to the gang that planted the bomb."

Why do I blog this? I find interesting the use of a location-based game as a way to encourage new transport modes. A sort of "serious game" in the field of pervasive gaming.