Slow evolution of social LBS

... as attested by this recent news which shows that Google is shutting down the mobile social network it bought few years ago (Dodgeball). Dennis tells us more about hiss perspective on the near future of social LBS:

"And just on a sidenote, the whole mobile + social space is still pretty open. Even, what?, 5 years after Alex and I launched dball in April 2004, no one is really doing anything new. Sure, Brightkite showed us "Place Snap" and Loopt's rocking "Mixx" (ha!), but no one is really thinking about this space beyond just "Twitter with whereabouts"... so maybe Naveen and I can take a stab at fixing that."

Why do I blog this? an interesting sign that that the evolution of social LBS takes time and that we're not there yet as a large market (will we ever go there anyway is also an interesting question).